Toggle Sidebar Shortcut

Can this be toggled with a keyboard shortcut / alias?

I found out how to show / hide / toggle containers but the button in Rhino seems to do something different.

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Nice, thanks @inju !

On the Mac at least the default shortcuts are: Command + 0 for the left side, and Command + 0 + Option for Right side.

Then I would imagine it to be Control + 0 on windows.



I checked, there is no default shortcut in windows Rhino to do this.

Then it be perhaps good to let the Devs know in order to keep things consistent across platform.
[that shortcut was on the Mac since V5, as these side bars controls exist/ed in the old Mac UI…]


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4 years later I’ve found this function…
And I like it!

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TIL this was a thing. I love a good clean empty UI haha

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