Hotkey for hiding side bars

Is there a hotkey to hide the side bars in Rhino for mac? If not is this feature coming soon? It makes a big difference on 15" displays.

I assume you know you can click the little blue “sidebar” icons in the upper left and right corners, right?

there are a few mac specific commands… two of them are ToggleRightSidebar and ToggleLeftSidebar

there are quite a few places where you can enter these commands as shortcuts.

in Rhinoceros-> Preferences

Aliases – assign a key or multiple keys… will require spacebar or return to activate
Mouse -> Buttons – press various buttons on your mouse (with multibutton mouse and the appropriate button number will highlight.
Mouse -> Screen Edges – move cursor to the assigned screen edge to activate the command (this is where i personally use the toggle sidebar commands)
Trackpad – i have problems with the 4 finger gestures… the 3 finger ones work good though (you’ll probably have to deactivate some of the gestures in system prefs)

Rhinoceros-> Commands-> Customize-> Keyboard Shortcuts – you can assign a single key shortcut here… i’d recommend using a modifier key along with the toggle command… (be careful though-- you can enter anything right now as a keystroke regardless of whether or not another item uses the same keystroke… system or app specific… you’ll have to make sure not to create conflicts.)

Yes Dave, I saw those icons - I’m a hotkey fan though

Did Jeff answer your question?

How do I do that.

I am trying to use Rhino mac 6 now and still haven’t figured out how to avoid that the sidebars appear every time I type a new command!?