Side panels get reset

My side panels, that I organize in two groups of three tabs, one on top of the other, get re-organized from time to time.
They get reset to the default arrangement of four tabs whenever I quit Rhino while it had a huge file open (using 8 GB of RAM). The problem shows even if I patiently wait until the process has cleanly finished before opening another instance.
Only the side panels get reset; all my custom toolbars stay where they’re supposed to.

V5 SR9 x64



Is this happening only when there are multiple Rhinos open at a time? The last one closed should overwrite the preference file which controls your interface set up. I’m also wondering if any of the panels that aren’t staying put are from plugins. You might try right clicking the Rhino program icon and choosing ‘run as administrator’ too to see if that helps. Arrange the panels and then close/restart that single instance to test.

@JohnM any thoughts on what may cause the panels to not overwrite in preferences other than my hunches?

I can’t tell if the user is modifying the Side Panels or trying to use toolbars instead. My guess is he’s using Side Panels since that’s in his message title.

Only one instance running

Marc, can you see that there are no Rhinos running in task manager > Processes before launching a new Rhino? I quite often see that Rhino does not really and truly completely close.


It’s these panels I’m trying to arrange in two groups, one on top of the other;
-Named Views

-Named CPlanes

When the problem occurs, they’re reset as one group with

Yes Pascal, I checked and it occurred when there was only one instance in task manager.

@JohnM may have to chime in here.
I believe these settings are stored in your Roaming Profile. Is there a chance you have a Domain Group Policy in effect limiting your ability to save changes to your Roaming Profile? This might be a question for your IT staff assuming you have one.

It only happens when previously closed a huge file. Normally all the settings are remembered.

What size file is it that you close when the panel preferences aren’t overwritten? @andy any ideas what might be happening?

Well, I’m pretty sure those panels are not hooked up to the new settings system.

As I mentioned in the OP, RAM usage goes around 8 GB. The file size is 32MB but with several large files as external blocks.

Andy is correct, “V5 SR9 x64” does not contain the new settings stuff in core Rhino, the settings should be saved in the registry. The panels are not my domain so I’m not sure exactly where the information is saved but if I had to guess I would say someplace in “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0x64\Scheme: Default”. @Andy do you know where the panel layouts are stored? I know there is information in the plug-in’s section in the above key but I’m not sure where the main layout information is stored.

The tab keys are at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0x64\Scheme: Default\DockBarTabs. If access to this registry entry is blocked, then this will cause problems.