Position, Size & Identity Lost

If you are using more than one monitor to improve your visual 3D real estate in Rhino 5, then you need to get used to the loss of Panels location, size and existence.

I am forever replacing, re-positioning and organizing the Panels that I have placed in my second and third monitors, because Rhino 5 forgets them, or sometimes just some of them.

I have not seen any full solution to this issue, and for that matter no intent to implement a solution.

Will this issue be solved? With the design of something like “work-spaces” that a user is able to save and recall?

Hi Gregory- do you open more than one Rhino at a time? If you only open one, rearrange, then close and reopen, does it forget? If so, please try right clicking on the Rhino icon and choose ‘Run as administrator’, and repeat the rearrangement, close and then reopen (normally this time) Rhino. Any different?


I open one Rhino or Rhino File at a time. I noticed the other post and tried the “Run as Administrator” and had no issues. But generally it remembers from one day to the next, I am not sure what causes it but it does fail to remember about 10 percent of the time. Leaving no Panels in there positions and visible on the second monitor.

If this happened in other software that I use, I would just go up to the menu bar and select the workspace I had customized and the layout of Panels would reappear as saved. Saving me the tedium of having to find and arrange that set of Panels which I choose to have open. Also if my workflow changed from construction to animation, I could just select that custom workspace and the appropriate Panels would appear as I had saved them.

Thank you for your time and response,