Autosave preferences on close is annoying


Is there a way to decide when preferences are saved ?
I always work with multiple rhino project at once.
I must take care of which one I modified the preferences to be sure it is the last one I close.
I think the preferences should have its own save command with the ability to disable the “save on close”.
I found a thread dated of dec 13’ with no real solution… Maybe there is another one ?


You have described how Rhino for Windows works.
The last one into the barn saves the changes.
This is a result of Rhino not being a “multi-document” application.
Each instance of Rhino can edit one file.
The advantage of that is crashing one instance of Rhino will not bring down the others.

On the Mac, all applications must be multi-doc. One Rhino can have multiple files open.
The application preference changes are not stored until Rhino quits (Cmd+Q) and is restarted.

Until the day I move to Mac (…), I still consider it as a pebble in my shoe.
It is weird that the process seems a lot more logical on Mac which came up after Windows version.


When we originally designed Rhino, multi-document applications weren’t a viable option. Later when the tools and environments were improved, we looked at multi-doc again and concluded we would be replacing one set of issues with another. There wasn’t a compelling reason to make the change, Instead we made it so you could run as many separate Rhino instances as your system had resources to manage. This is the current design.

When Mac Rhino became a possibility, a single-doc design was not an option. Marlin struggled mightily to change Rhino for Mac into a multi-doc application.

That’s the history of it as I recall.

A bit confused here…
Are you using Rhino 5 or Rhino 6. It sounds like you are describing the behavior in Rhino 5 where setting were only written ‘into stone’ by the last Rhino session that was closed.
In Rhino 6, however, settings should be shared instantly by all sessions and it shouldn’t matter which instance is closed last.

This is not the case with toolbars however, as they are not part of settings. Toolbar (.rui) files do not get written until Rhino closes unless the user forces a save via Options>Toolbars or with something like
! _-Toolbar _Collection _SaveAll _Enter _Enter
However, even with forced saving, the last closed instance can still overwrite changes made be previously closed instances.

Moral of the story: always do all your toolbar/workspace related editing with only one Rhino instance open, then save your changes immediately. It’s been like that since V1.0.

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I can’t find where the workspace positions are saved (docking & panels).
Even if I play with ini, rui, rws, the whole Rhino folder (Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\UI),
I can’t find a way to backup my UI setup (just the layout : panels & docks).
When it’s screwed up, I can retrieve my toolbars (rui), but they are put in an automatic and not really usable default position.
Is it hidden in registry ?


Any answer ?
Where can I retrieve (backup) docking position ?
There no solution in the last answer about that.

For Rhino 5, yes, the positions of dialogs are written in the registry.

Is there a procedure to backup/restore the registry ?
I tried to save/restore HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0x64 (through regedit)
with partial success. I cannot retrieve some of the dockbar/window/prompt/filter/osnap… position.