"Locking down" panel layouts

So I don’t know if this is a bug or not–right now I’m assuming NOT, per se–but I’m frequently having to rearrange my panels when I open Rhino. All I want is two rows of tabs on the right, Properties on top layers on bottom with one or two others, nothing fancy. They’re getting swtiched around somehow–which I never ever, ever do on purpose, so maybe it is a bug or it’s Windows being stupid–and then saved and on reopening my original layout is gone, and it doesn’t re-save the layout until Rhino is closed again, so I have to do it fifteen times a day unless I stop and close every Rhino, making sure the last one is the one I want. There should be a way to stop this helpful feature of saving panel(and maybe other interface layout settings?) layouts on closing. I can have a dozen Rhinos open at once for days on end, or for seconds at a time, Rhino has no reason to think any of them are “precious” and that any layout difference they have is something I want to save.


(targeting R8)

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