Shutlining with dashed lines

I’ve been trying to play around with shutlining with dashed lines for a certain effect, and I’m finding it phenomenally, unusably slow–applying it, switching to the shut lining tab, It doesn’t seem to be the result of making extremely dense meshes, it’s something else?

Hi Jim - my guess is it is due to the sheer number of curves - I find the thing becomes intractable fairly quickly with a lot of regular curves and my guess of the moment is that under the hood, for dashes, it may be using a curve per dash.

@DavidEranen - what’s the real answer?


The thing that takes time is figuring out how to cut up the original mesh in order to apply the shutline. If the curves are long and numerous, and the geometry they’re applied to is dense, it will take time.

Try to make sure that when you apply shutlining to an object you select only the minimum pieces of geometry to add shutlining to. Don’t select all curves and then apply shutlining to all objects in the scene.