Shutlining quality,

Is there a way to improve this, i get quite some jagged results and i can easily see the difference between actual shutlines and shutlines just in the mesh, i allready tried giving a certain part a higher res but this doesnt see to do much,…

Have you tried adjusting your main model Render mesh settings Smooth & Slower or Custom etc.? Michael VS

Sorry, thats what i meant with higher res, it helps a bit but its nowhere near the resolution of the mesh,…

Could you post a model that we can test with?

@deranen will want to take a look at this.

  • Andy

Hello Andy, ill see if i can get you an example but heres a visual of the problem, the upper part of the door are actual shutlines, the lower part is shutlining just the mesh, you can clearly see the difference,…


OK - if you just send me the mesh object and the curve, that should be enough.

  • Andy

Mesh as in no nurbs mesh, extracted mesh?..

I don’t really know what you are trying to shutline - I need the object that the shutlining is applied to (whether it is a mesh, or a nurbs object) and the curve that defines that shutline.

Where can i send it to?..

Under Properties→Shutlining, did you use the ‘pull curve to object’ option? That always makes a big difference in the resolution & quality for me. Also, I find that the sharp edge ‘V’ works way better than the rounded fillets you get by default.

Unless you’re super close, the V shape does the best job capturing highlights.

BTW, great model!

Not sure if i have but the curves are projected on the surface so they can barely be any closer.
I tried the v shape also, no luck, so i think tomorrow ill just have to force myself to make all the seems, which isnt that bad actually but it would be nice if shutlining wouldve saved me this :smile:
I am intending to make some close up shots so i need quality shutlines.

Thanks, just doing the texturing and shutlines tomorrow and then it should be finished :slight_smile: but again, that can take a while :(…

@Sabino Y.M.S.O.M.W.*

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@andy, why isn’t “pull” the default.

No i didnt miss them, the first sentence was about not being sure but i will check today because to be honest, thats exactly the problem i have, though im not using the V shape, thanks alot man will check when i get to the office today,…

Youre right shultzeworks, it was pull curve to object, i didnt check that since i thought that projecting curves ON the surfaces, why would i still want to pull them towards it BUT, another case of my logics failing, Thanks again, saves me a ton of time :)…


Happy to help and I agree! This should be on by default (or not even listed as an option at all) since the command has serious problems without it.

Yes and no, shutlines do tend to fail alot more with this function on,…

@Sabino [quote=“Sabino, post:18, topic:13184”]
shutlines do tend to fail alot more with this function on,…
That can be true. I found that shutlines work best on a single surface or joined surfaces that have large radii fillets. Whenever it hits a sharp transition, it can look bad or even fail completely. Still should be worth a try.

The algorithm for generating meshed looks like a complete mess to me. Here is an extracted render mesh with a rounded groove profile to shutline: