Shutlining in V6

I did some tests and in most cases Shutlining is a lot slower in V6 than in V5.
Also, I’d like the command options to stick…


Do you have a model that demonstrates this difference in speed?

  • Andy

Here’s an object where it’s very slow to change settings in the Shutlining options or the mesh settings.

shutliningsample-rv6.3dm (2.9 MB)

Thanks - @DavidEranen will only get to this on Monday

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It may not be specifically the Shutlining function, it could be the meshing in general.


I tried the model you provided in both v5 and v6. In v5 the dashed line type is not supported in shutlining, so it will simply mesh as a continuous line. This will therefore speed up shutlining in v5 with this model. Changing the curves to continuous in v6 gives comparable timings.

Having said that, I do think that shutlining speed should be worked on in general since it can become quite slow. I made a YouTrack item for it (RH-30372).

In regards to command settings, you can edit the shut lining settings very easily if you go to Properties tab -> Shut Lining. I made a YouTrack item for restoring old values in the actual shutlining command (RH-30373)

Hi David,
Thanks for all your efforts.
Keep in mind that the context is often a file with about two dozen objects that each have five or six ShutLining features. I attached the smallest of these object.

Hi All,

some shutlining wishes here:

  1. Add a few more product design specif profiles:

  2. Maybe a better option is giving me global control of where alignment is happening, like this…

  3. Besides speed, I’d love to also see better mesh quality on these, especially in the rounded profiles, like this:

  4. I want to displace areas, not just curve outlines. So If I have a close curve for shotlining I want to be able to have a fill option, Like this:




Nice list of Wishes, G. The ultimate extension of the shutlining tool would be to have an editor along the same lines (forgive the pun) as the linetype editor.


Thanks for the very good suggestions. I made two YouTrack feature wish items (RH-30388 and RH-30389).

I think we could get a better access to the geometry that uses these rendering tools.
What I mean, for example, if we have some objects that have EdgeSoftening, there’s no way to know without selecting it. We may need a selection tool such as SelectEdgeSoftenedObjects and the like…

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It seems that Shutlining is now buggier then ever… I can’t get it to work on most of the objects I tried it on, I have to copy/paste to/from v5…
I join an example where the mesh is just not rendering when I apply Shutlining to it.
sl.3dm (2.5 MB)

Hi Marc - I’ve had good results so far and I’ve been using a fair bit - I’ll check your file… thanks.

Looks OK here at .007:

Are you not getting that type of result?


Thanks for looking into this Pascal.
When I tried on this object, and several others in this file, the display for the object would turn to wireframe, like it didn’t even tried to modify the mesh…
I am on WIP 2017-03-28, I’ll update and check again.

Yep, on 2017-04-04 it works nice and fast!
A comment on this command; the options selected should be remembered, at least during a session.


Yeah, agreed, I’ll see if we can tune that up.



I think what would be better than presets or an inline editor would be the ability to draw any 2d profile and select it as a profile to use option. So you would have the “select projection curves” then “select profile curve” as your options. It would also be nice to save out profile selections as a preset. Of course knowing absolutely nothing of programming Im not sure what that requires but it would be nice to have this ability.