Shutlining from c#

How to apply shutlining to curves generated by c# command ? Maybe some attributes or custom user data can do this.
Certainly, i can use ApplyShutlining command, but i want do it programmaticaly.

I am pretty sure this is not possible in Rhino 5. I do see some entries in the Mesh Class in Rhino 6 WIP Rhinocommon SDK that relate to Shutlining and other Render Primitive type operations like Curve Piping, Displacement, Thickening, Edge softening… @andy and @piac might be able to shed further light on the availability of this functionality.

Hi Denis,

what you mention is correct, you can use the _ApplyShutlining command to apply that functionality. I am not aware of other methods to instruct an object to have shut lining.
Also what @fraguada mention is correct. You can create a mesh with shut lining using the RhinoCommon Mesh.WithShutLining() in the Rhino WIP. This will simply create the resulting mesh. It will not apply a logical step in the representation.

I hope this helps