Shrink Rhino file: original dwg is 60, 3dm 370mb

I’m new to Rhino and have to submit a Revit model to the local Council in 3dm format. Try as I might I cannot shrink it below 370mb… Keep in mind that, as per title, the dwg file exported from Revit is only 50mb… I suspect they won’t accept it. What can be done?
Many thanks!!

Hello- does SaveSmall get you anywhere?


Thanks for getting back to me. No, unfortunately that’s what I do but still…Any other opinion that you would recommend?

Hi -
Can you post the original dwg file here or upload it from Rhino - Upload to Support? Make sure to copy the url of this thread in the comments field if you upload the file.

My guess is that objects defined somehow ‘procedurally’ in Revit (with which I am not really familiar so I am really guessing) become breps - dumb geometry - in Rhino.


Can you post your Revit File to the download site? I can bring it in via Rhino.Inside.Revit in a more controlled way. Thanks

Hi Japhy,
Thanks for that. I uploaded the file yesterday…Can you not see it?

I’ll post again a link to download model (one in dwg, the other fbx): WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

I’m only seeing the .dwg file, which is solids, which isn’t a bad thing but they are large and curvy, not ideal for small file size on an import.

Can you double check your submittal requirements? I’m surprised they don’t accept .dwg. A 370 mb submittal file shouldn’t be an issue. 1 gb flash drive