File Reduce Revit to Rhino

So I exported my revit model to rhino and its whooping 114mb since its highrise and I want to reduce the file size of it. Can any one tell me how to do it ? Thanks

Hi -

Without at least an image, it’s rather hard to tell…
Reducing the size most likely means reducing some form of detail. Is there anything in the file you don’t need? Can that just be deleted? Or is it one object only? A mesh?

This is the file well I applied some material over it. nothing else maybe revit IDs are making it bigger ?.

Here is the link to download file

Lots of Building Information models are extrusion dominated.
If the rhino import recognized extrusions it would reduce the resultant 3dm file size a lot instead of storing polysurfaces.
Also there are many blocks generated that have an instance count of one. This would also be contributing to the file size.