Help converting a Revit model to Rhino

I need help in converting a small fixture to rhino format. The supplier sent me a Revit file (.rfa) as the only format available and I would be very grateful if someone familiar with Revit could convert it to Rhino format as I don’t have the application.
Here is the file: (1.8 MB)

Thank you for your assistance,

A quick search of the Wiki support pages found this and others:

And this:

Thanks John but the wiki seems to focus only on importing object into Revit from Rhino.
I need to do the opposite and I don’t have Revit. I suppose I can install a demo of Revit but I was trying to reach to someone that already has Revit as it’s only a one time conversion of a small Revit model.

Read the second link.


Here you go: (1.3 MB)

The DWG can be exported in 2 ways (mesh and solid - often - is case of this models too, the solids from Revit (some of them) get messed up (untrimmed) - so I exported both types.



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Thanks Jarek. Much appreciated !

I have some revit files I need to convert to dwg or any other 3d model that rhino can read.
Is there a simple online conversion tool? or can someone help?

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Go to File Export -> CAD Formats

If you don’t have a license of Revit, if you put them somewhere I could export them for you. I am not aware of an online conversion tool.

i dont have revit hence I need help converting them, can you help? they are .rfa files?

thank you so much

No problem. Shouldn’t take too long.

Here the table file. Working on the chair file right now.

Table-Brunner-Torino.dwg (411.8 KB)

Hummm. There seems to be an issue with Rhino 6 opening the dwg file exported out for the chair. Autocad opens the file correctly but looks like Rhino is getting confused on which side of the surface it needs to trim. Not sure if @lowell would be able to help.

Chair-Task_Seating-Allermuir-Circo-CR1.dwg (5.4 MB)

thank you so much for your help. Many of the office furniture websites only supply .rfa files.
I really apprciate it …

Here is a mesh file, if that will work for you.

Chair-Task_Seating-Allermuir-Circo-CR1 Mesh.dwg (1.3 MB)

thanks, mesh no good as all same parts, need to render in Keyshot… but I do apprciate all your help

Thanks for the report and the file -
I’ll see what I can figure out about the trims


RH-46761 is fixed in the latest Service Release