Help converting a Revit model to Rhino


I need help in converting a small fixture to rhino format. The supplier sent me a Revit file (.rfa) as the only format available and I would be very grateful if someone familiar with Revit could convert it to Rhino format as I don’t have the application.
Here is the file: (1.8 MB)

Thank you for your assistance,

(John Brock) #2

A quick search of the Wiki support pages found this and others:

And this:


Thanks John but the wiki seems to focus only on importing object into Revit from Rhino.
I need to do the opposite and I don’t have Revit. I suppose I can install a demo of Revit but I was trying to reach to someone that already has Revit as it’s only a one time conversion of a small Revit model.

(John Brock) #4

Read the second link.




Here you go: (1.3 MB)

The DWG can be exported in 2 ways (mesh and solid - often - is case of this models too, the solids from Revit (some of them) get messed up (untrimmed) - so I exported both types.




Thanks Jarek. Much appreciated !