Show texture under shaded display model

Hi all,

It maybe be quite basic…Is it possible to apply and show texture on a surface / brep under the shaded mode?



By default, textures should be shown in the rendered mode. Is your question specific to the shaded mode or is it about how to apply a texture? If the former, just change the Rhino Options > View > Display Modes > [your mode] > Shading settings > Color & material usage setting to Rendering material instead of Object’s color.

Hi wim,

I tried to change the display setting as you suggested but it only shows as different color but no texture. I tried to assign texture to a surface but fail… Would you mind instruct a way to apply texture as well?

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One way is to drag & drop an image from Windows Explorer onto the object. Does that work for you?

Thanks wim, it works for me now!!
One more query: when I switch ‘Custom Material for all objects’ to ‘Rending Material’, all the other existing object color in shaded mode turns to white.
Is there an easy way to keep the existing object display color under the shaded model and still can show the texture? Otherwise I need to re-assign color or textures to every object again… :sweat:


I am not sure if you are talking about one single object or multiple objects. Could you post a small file, perhaps?

Hi wim,

My case is, I have quite a lot of objects (with color) in shaded mode, but some specified objects I want to show with texture. When I switch to ‘Rendering material’, all the other objects without material will turn to white. I know you can assign color or texture to the other objects but I will take a lot of time to do it…
Right now I have to export two images, one without texture but with shaded color, another one with texture but no shaded color, then have to photoshop them to one image.
I have a lot of similar area need to do the same jobs… just wondering is there a easy way to show both existing shaded color and texture.



Hi Jack,

Yes, there is. You can assign different display modes to different objects in the same viewport. That way, you could have one object displaying as shaded and another displayed as rendered. Use the -SetObjectDisplayMode command to assign a display mode to an object that is different from the display mode of the viewport.

Great! That’s exactly what I want~:grin:
Thanks a lot wim!!!

By the way, may I have one more question – When we have done some display setting, can we save it as something like a display mode template ( just like ‘Technical’ or ‘Artistic’ ) so we can use the same display setting on another PC?


In the main screen under Rhino Options > View > Display Modes you will find all display modes listed with the bottons New, Copy, Delete, Import, and Export. Select a display mode in the list and use export.

Alternatively, you can use the OptionsExport to export all settings, including the display modes. When importing this on another system, use OptionsImport - you can select to only import the “Advanced Display” options (i.e. the display modes).

Cool~Thanks wim!!

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