WhatSetting Rendered viewShowSurface Color as Shaded view?

I am needing to work in rendered view, unless there is a way of getting shaded mode to show my imported texture, I import an obj, it has a .jpg for texture, and an .mtl file that allocates it. Rendered view is the only way to display it, am I right ? or can I display it in shaded mode, and ghosted, and x ray, the three modes I normally work in.

As I am on my new workpath of using mesh with the fine texture .jpg as reference to draw new model, to carry on working as normal with shaded, x ray ghosted, is what I really need, BUT I need the texture visible as well as I work.

How can I do this ?

If I have to use rendered mode to see that texture, then I need to see surfaces with the colours of the layers they are on, just as if I am in shaded view mode.

Just exactly what setting is that in rendered properties ? I cant find it.

In fact how do I get rendered mode to look as if its shaded mode, I want all that shaded mode gives, print preview lines, etc, white rather than grey background, surfaces with my layer colours, but I need that texture showing.

and I absolutely hate the 60char title rule. I Concatenated it and it said a word is too long !



I think this has already been suggested in one of your earlier posts but SetObjectDisplayMode should allow you to see one or more objects in rendered mode while the viewport is in shaded or some other display mode. See the Help for more details on the command.

As stated previously, ask your question in the body of the message, not the title. You could title your post

See object in rendered display while in shaded mode?
52 characters including spaces.


I need to write out a method sheet with all the things needed for working on meshes.

After import change the “Assign material by:” property in the Properties -> Material panel, from Layer to Object and then apply the .jpg file (created when obj was made) to the Textures > Color channel.

AverageCurves (ensure dir same for all)

in shaded mode, also ghosted and x ray, and any other mode in use (except rendered), SetObjectDisplayMode and choose rendered, to make mesh appear with texture.

if anyone has other useful commands to add to this list please do so.

Is there a video of using mesh as reference to create an object ?

as for 60char, my brain is useless at making concise, it works in detail. I must try to not ask the question in the title where traditionally I have always, on any forum , asked a question.

still think 60char rule wrong.


Well, 60 characters is pretty short so it does take some thinking to concoct a short title that summarizes the problem and at the same time invites the reader to look at your post… Just remember that these days a sizeable proportion of people reading this forum are doing so in their phone

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