Are Picture (PictureFrames) special?

I noticed that none of this work (assigning a display type to an object in each applicable displayport) has to be done to Picture Frames. That frames show their texture in all display types on all viewports. What is happening here and why is that behavior different? It there a way to enable this behavior by default for any objects with a texture?

Hello - yeah, objects created as Pictures are special… others need to have their display mode set.


Is there anyway to set them to the same kind of special? I create new viewports constantly and having to chance the object display mode constantly is a huge time sink. Plus, I regularly have picture frames loose this specialness and no longer display they texture as if they were a normal object.

Hello - this seems buggy - can you provide any details? Are the images in a local disk, or a network or a synced drive?


The images are embedded into the file itself. We work out of a google drive and keep the same file structure across all machines. It randomly happens. The textures aren’t missing though as they still show in rendered view, just not the other views.

So, just to be sure - this is not quite how it works any more - in V5, you could embed a Picture into the Rhino file bitmap table - in v6+, Picture textures are treated like any other texture - they can be saved with the Rhino file, and are by default, but Rhino then spits them out to disk when it needs to - for example when opening on a different machine from the one the original images reside on - and reads them from disk - it seems at least possible that something is amiss with this system in your case.