Is "use object color" of the "Single Color Texture" working properly?

Shade display just assign one color for them all (the first assign perhaps).
Edges are correct color though, just the faces have this problem.

Are you guys able to use this functionality?
Is it a Rhino issue or GPU related?


It’s impossible to guess with so little detail.
Please run Rhino’s “SystemInfo” command and post the results.

A screenshot showing the problem would help too.


Hi John.
I just wanted to know if the feature is indeed working.
My computer is more than 10 years old so there are probably some hardware issues and I’m soon to change it.
Did it work fine there?

I still do not understand what the problem is you are attempting to describe.

Please send a screenshot of what you are seeing.


Hello- yes it seems to work as expected here.
I should say, it works for top level objects, but not, so far as I can see, for sub-objects.

What do you mean “NOT” for sub-objects?
Does it work on polysurfaces?

Hello - per face color is not used by the single color texture. Top level object color is used in rendered display mode but not in raytraced - that is a bug as far as I can see.

RH-64914 Texture: Single color ignores object color setting


Thanks Pascal :slight_smile: