Show Silhouttes in Rendering Mode

Hi everyone,

is it possible to get the option “Show Silhouttes” in the Rendered Display Mode as it appears in the Techincal Display Mode at the Visibility section inside the Option window?



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Hi Sergio
You can make Technical with option Render like the attached .ini file.
Ciao Vittorio
CartoonMio.ini (11.2 KB)

Cartoon version looks nice :slight_smile:

Thanks Vittorio,

but in this case I would not get all the other feautres which are only in the rendered mode. Like Isocurve for istance.

Ciao Sergio
Post an example of how the image should be ( posta un esempio di come deve essere l’immagine. Quello a che avevo allegato va bene o no?

you can create a new mode based off Technical then apply rendered mode like settings to it…

(silhouettes shown here in blue at 4px)

(or without the hidden lines… etc.)

[edit] uh… just realized i said the same exact thing as @vittorio said…

That’s all good. But I’d only like to visualise IsoCurves and more important to see the edges of every mesh face object.

So basically rather than adapting the Technical mode to the Rendered one I’d just add the silhouette option to the Rendered one.

But is not possible apparently… not a big deal… I bet would slow the machine down quite a lot anyway :smile: