Rhino 6 Display Modes: Adding a Silhouette in Rendered display mode

Hi, I have a suggestion in regards to the display modes in Rhino 6 that I believe could be useful for an even more efficient workflow for designers. The Pen Display mode (for example) has the capability to add a silhouette outline around the objects. Is there any way to introduce this for the Rendered display mode? Obviously, there are some several work arounds to achieve this style for a still image but can it happen while navigating the 3D model?

Hi Kono - currently, there is no way of doing this, no. There are some intentions to merge the Technical display modes with the regular display modes at some point in the future.

Hi Kono,
I believe you can tweak the Technical mode to work almost like rendered, with Silhouettes. There may be a few limitations but in general you can get material color shading, cast shadows etc. and still have the silhouettes and intersections included. For sure it would not work on per-object assignment case, but as a similar to Rendered but with silhouettes definitely should work.
Here is a sample mode - you can import it via Options > View:
RenderedTechnical.ini (11.5 KB)



Hi Jarek,

Yes, that is a technique that I have used when I do not have transparencies involved. Only problem is when any object is behind a transparent material, the edges of the object disappears making it difficult to see.


This is absolutely a wish of mine also.

My projects include a mix of mesh and nurbs objects, and to have both types of objects display clearly when curves/object edges are visible in display modes such as ‘Shaded’ it is very challenging.

My preference would be to hide mesh wires and just have mesh objects with a silhouette, while nurbs objects display an edge thickness. Cheers!