Display Mode with silhouette questions

I’d like to create a custom display mode that also shows the object’s silhouettes - testing this with a sphere, which should display as a ring in 3d.
The default display mode ‘hidden’ does that. However, I’d like to customize that mode but keep the original, so I made a copy of it - and the silhouette does not work anymore! Bug here?

  1. Why does silhouette work with ‘Hidden’, but not in a 1:1 copy of it? It only shows the edges of the sphere now.

  2. Not all of the display modes that show a silhouette (Technical, Artistic, Pen, Conceptual, Hidden, Realistic) actually sport the checkbox ‘Silhouette’. Any reason for that?



  1. Am I basically right that the default display modes have all their own internal unchangeable specialities, so to say? Meaning you cannot create a new ‘Shaded’ mode out ot a copy of ‘Wireframe’ mode?

Thanks a lot!

Hello - modes using the ‘technical’ display pipeline - Technical, Pen, Artistic, will have different settings than the ones using OpenGL… including Silhouettes - these should also be available in copies of any ‘technical’ mode.