Objects Silhouette like in blender? For Arctic?


I noticed that objects is blender, have a very nice silhouette that updates in real time when changing the camera.
Is it possible to have the same thing in Rhino somehow, as a -setobjectdisplaymode feature?

Or to have setdisplaymode: Arctic, showing silhouettes for some objects.

Or, how to enable the silhouette that Technical or Pen has, for specific objects, for any display mode?

(not as a make2d line)

Here’s a screenshot from blender.

Thank you!

i know its a fancy looking display mode which has established itself in the last decade in many animation applications, but what would you need that for?

just in case you missed the following:

you have the option to shade the entire objects in the selection color if thats better for you instead of the xray wireframe outlines, which does a good job in distinguishing from non selected i personally use that and its very sufficient actually better than such silhouette outlines IMHO.

then you got the option to switch to a different display mode which also lets you avoid xray selection outlines.

Hi @encephalon, this is not about selection. I need a silhouette view even though the objects are not selected. Like switch on-off a silhouette.

How did you achieve the second image? I don’t understand. Thanks!

(I need silhouettes for diagrams. make 2d is too much work when it comes to changing camera angles)

ic, well then simply use a different display mode which lets you outline sillhouttes and hide hidden edges like shown. you can for example use “Pen” or “Technical” as a starter and modify it to your needs.

yes, but I want in arctic display mode to have silhouettes only for some objects…

you can use SetObjectDisplayMode, if you activate your personal display modes to be visible as such. then only those object which have this display mode set will show the properties while everything else will display the general display mode. but to be honest i still use Version 5 mac, so i dont know how all that behaves with arctic but i guess it should work.

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the display modes that have the silhouette option don’t show up in -setdobjectdisplaymode.

yes thats why i say you have to activate them first. go to the display mode options and check the box “include in View’s display mode menu”

Well it’s already checked:

oh sorry. you have to additionally check “Allow assignment to individual objects” in mac its right next to it. but as i said it might be that it not fully works with arctic. and it can also be that you have to switch all to the desired mode and revert those which you dont want to normal shaded or whatever.

“Allow assignment to individual objects” - there’s no such setting in windows. I looked at every check box.

that is strange, i even found it in the docs so it should be there somewhere. which Rhino version do you have? oh sorry, these docs are for mac again. sorry really idk @pascal is that not in the Windows version?

that you see that it works


or somehow use Mesh.GetOutlines Method ? and have the silhouette on in any viewport ?