Shifting toolbars

Hi all, I know this has been asked before, but adding my voice to the others. Rhino seems to randomly shift my toolbars around. This is regardless of whether I open Rhino or not while for example using a second monitor. On startup, the toolbars are in random locations. What can I do? This is starting to become a real frustration.

Are you using a single rui file or multiple?

Have 4 running - VRay, a separate popup, general, and then Keyshot plugin.

my advise: copy the toolbars to your default one and save that under a new name, then close the rest

Hi Gijs, I have no idea how to do that and haven’t been able to find a guide. Any advice?

I’m not sure if this is the only or best way, but the way I do it is to drag the toolbars into the tabs so that they become new tabs of the (default) rui. After that save the default as a new one so that it won’t get overridden on an update, then you can close the other toolbar rui files. hth

Hi Gijs, I’m not sure that I understand that. Do you mean the tabs at the top (as in 'New in V6 / New in V7)? Because VRay and other plugins can’t be combined with those.

yes they can, just take the floating ones one by one and drag them into those tabs. Make sure your toolbar is unlocked:

Thank you, I could drag them in here, it’s a bit of a hack but perhaps they’ll stay in one place now.