Move tool bars from one .rui to another?

I’ve been having trouble transferring custom toolbars across machines. In fact, I couldn’t find them in the .rui. I just realized, that they have been saved into the SectionTools.rui. How can I move them to the default?

Hello - you can drag a toolbar to make it dock in with a Default, like at the top, Standard toolbar group - that will import it. But make sure you save your Default toolbar under another name once you start customizing it so it does not get overwritten by the default Default.rui.


I have 3 custom toolbars that show up in the Section Tools RUI that I want to move to my RH6_default.rui. I dragged them to the top tab area. One toolbar moved. It is no longer in the section tools rui and is where I want. Not the case with the other two. No matter how many times I’ve moved them. Is there some place I can edit this in a text file? Having a lot of Rhino frustrations today.

Ok. Figured it out.