Positioning Floating tool bars

I think this has been asked before but I can’t seem to find the thread. I have a couple of toolbars that won’t stay in place. Main1 and Main2 always move down a little. I am using 2 screens and trying to keep things organized. Coupled with that issue is that the windows for my plugs always pop up on top of my drawing. I have moved them where I want them and saved rhino, but they will pop up again on top of drawing. Seems like they pop up in a “default” position. I went to C:_program files_Rhino6_toolbars and noodled around there but unsuccessfully. Does anyone know where the thread for this is? My searches are not coming to fruition.


right click when you launch rhino and run as admin, then arrange the window how you want then file>exit rhino.

run it again normally by double clicking… did it stick?

thanks, I am stopped at the first step. Here is a screen shot of a right click.Right_click .

Thanks again,

the right click is on the Rhino icon, not in a random file.

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I am now able to right click on Rhino and run as Administrator. Still does not work. But thanks for your input. When some one takes timeout to help I am forever grateful!

Hi Bill - another thing, or two, you can try - my guess is, you have multiple toolbar files open.

  1. Restore (un-maximize) the main Rhino window and stretch, by hand, the window to be as nearly maximized as you can. Arrange your toolbars to taste then mximize, close and re-open… does that look as you expect?

  2. More likely to be helpful when there are multiple toolbar files: Save your main (usually ‘default.rui’) toolbar file to a new name, then import all the other toolbars from the various RUI files into that and close all the others, just run one toolbar file.

Either of those help?


Step 1. did not resolve my issue.
Step 2. As explained is not detailed enough for me to execute. Sorry,