Shatter Component Issue

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I’m trying to split my horizontal lines by transverse profile curves. But whatever i do it never worked. It always splitting irrelevant locations. Fırst i found intersections then I try to split. In Rhinoceros this is just basic split but I do not know why it takes so much in GH. Can you help kindly?

Also can you explain how shatter component works? I never get this component to do right thing for me :frowning:

sample (19.3 KB)
sample model.3dm (185.3 KB)

sample Edited V0 (20.6 KB)
Data Tree problem.

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Thank you very much Quan Li. So I am trying to understand the logic of this. What are these numbers actually? I take the dimensions in rhino after baking, but no where from the curve returned these values in the brach.

Also I try to do the same thing using the grafting and flattening but It did not work. Can you help me why?

Thank you again.


Those are curve parameters. Take a look at the Curve Domain and Evaluate Curve components…

The curve in my example is a trimmed curve. Its original domain was 0 to 67.788391


@martinsiegrist is too fast !

Shatter has its Parameters input as list, meaning it will associate the entire list of numbers it recieves in a branch to each curve contained in the corresponding branch. Since those parameters are related to a specific curve, you can’t flatten it entirely, otherwise the component would try to split each curve at ALL the numbers in the list and not just the two correct ones. Hence, you need to keep the 1-level data tree, and thus use Trim Tree to revert from a level-2 to level-1.


Here I do the same thing like you have indicated but same problem. I do not know what I’m doing wrong.
Can you help ?
sample model.3dm (185.3 KB)

sample gh (20.5 KB)

3dm is wrong.

Sorry, can you re-try?

sample model.3dm (164.7 KB)

Well, time to read the true reference, Data tree structures by none other than David Ruten himself.

I had to run through it multiple times myself before it made sense; don’t let the age of the video (10 years) put you off; it is the basic reference of Grasshopper’s structure, written by the author himself.

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Use two of those.

Or Shift Paths positive 2.

sample gh (19.9 KB)

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Thank you guys. Its seem I have really serious issues with the data management in Grasshopper. Lets back to basics :slight_smile: