Problem with shatter and curve divide

hi all,
i am reading here for some months and the forum helped already a lot. thank you all.
but now i have a problem i cannot solve and ask for help.

i am trying to flip the end of curves upwards for a ramping profile for cnc engraving. the ramp should follow the curve.
i was able to make a working grashopper design. but sometimes the design does not work, i suspect when the rhino curves were trimmed or mirrored or manipulated with the control points before importing into grasshopper.
attached is a simple example of the curves. the above ones were manipulated with control points. under them are three simple nurbs curves.
i divide the curves, then shatter them. with the manipulated curves the result is not correct, with the nurbs curves it is correct.
does anybody know why that is?
thanks for your help,

problem shatter.3dm (127.0 KB) problem (4.6 KB)

R7 .3dm file cannot be opened in R6. You could just internalize your 3 curves (Ausgangskurven param).

By the way, in my experience it’s a bad idea to rename GH components. mitte will only cause confusion, better to rename the Cull Index output.

Check the attachment…

problem (14.2 KB)

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hey kim, thank you very much, that solved the problem. i learned if a solution is working for some curves, that does not mean the solution is right. grasshopper can be painful at times :wink: