Shatter doesnt work

Hi, I want to trim the 8 small curves with the other 2 big curves.
I used the “curve/curve” component to find the intersections but when i use the “point closest curve” to connect into the parameters of shatter it doesnt work.

Maybe it doesnt work because the curves are in a inclined plane, but i need it that way.

Any help appreciated, thanks in advance!!

shatter problem.3dm (297.7 KB) shatter (11.2 KB) 3(upload://netFLGxHPFdkqhdfS7hS70i2wg6.png) 2 ![1|667x500]3

If you are able to generate intersection points then subcrv will help you. Use shift list to iterate through the values for the domain component

Shatter doesnt work

It works fine, it seems you don’t yet have an understanding of data trees. Firstly, you don’t need closest point, Curve Curve Intersection already gives you the parameter values. Secondly, to shatter what you want you need to shift the paths of the parameters list first.

shatter (19.1 KB)


THANKSSS, that was the problem!