SharePoint file locking

Our client uses Rhino 5.0 commercial, and we have recently migrated them away from a Windows 2008 server to use SharePoint. We have found a problem with files not being locked. Previous on Windows Server, if someone opened a file it would automatically be locked, so someone else couldn’t try and edit it at the same time.

In SharePoint, this doesn’t happen automatically, so if you open a file, someone else can also open it with potentially two difference versions being edited at the same time, with resultant chaos.

I had thought that checking out the file in SharePoint before opening it would sort this; it doesn’t - someone else can still open that file in Rhino, even though it’s checked out.

Does anyone have experience of this, and know a workaround or fix? I’m not even sure if it’s a SharePoint file access problem, or a Rhino file locking problem.

Any help would be much appreciated.


I too would like to know how to get around this… We are also looking at moving our Rhino files to SharePoint

Hello - if SharePoint works similarly to DropBox or GoogleDrive, where there is a local copy of a file that is synced to a cloud file, then this cannot work. Rhino is only capable of locking the file that is opened, that is the local copy.


Hi, we have the same problem. How come Rhino isn’t able to do that, since it was able on the Server? I get, that it has local copies which it opens, but technically this should really be possible, shouldn’t it?
We checked it with Archicad files as well as Dietrich files and Cadwork files, all CAD programms, so why shoudln’t it be possible for Rhino?

@user1701 are you using Rhino 7?

Hi Brian, no, currently working with Rhino 6, however I asked the Rhino support and they said it wasn’t possible and not planned either since only few of their customers use Sharepoint (which I’m absolutely not convinced about…)

Well, we’re not updating Rhino 6 anymore - so fixes to Rhino 6 are definitely out. We’re nearing the end of fixes to Rhino 7, also - and starting to focus more of our effort on Rhino 8. We don’t run SharePoint here, so we don’t have any idea about the problems. We’ll need to find someone who can help us understand and then fix the issues in the current version of Rhino.

Hi Brian, thanks for your reply. Alright, that’s fair enough I guess. However if you managed to fix that for the new versions of Rhino that would definitely be appreciated. By now many companys do have their files in a cloud (and for many it is in fact Sharepoint) and it can definitely be an issue to not get informed when another person has already opened the file and is working on it.
Hoping for a quick fix!=)