SharePoint file locking

Our client uses Rhino 5.0 commercial, and we have recently migrated them away from a Windows 2008 server to use SharePoint. We have found a problem with files not being locked. Previous on Windows Server, if someone opened a file it would automatically be locked, so someone else couldn’t try and edit it at the same time.

In SharePoint, this doesn’t happen automatically, so if you open a file, someone else can also open it with potentially two difference versions being edited at the same time, with resultant chaos.

I had thought that checking out the file in SharePoint before opening it would sort this; it doesn’t - someone else can still open that file in Rhino, even though it’s checked out.

Does anyone have experience of this, and know a workaround or fix? I’m not even sure if it’s a SharePoint file access problem, or a Rhino file locking problem.

Any help would be much appreciated.


I too would like to know how to get around this… We are also looking at moving our Rhino files to SharePoint

Hello - if SharePoint works similarly to DropBox or GoogleDrive, where there is a local copy of a file that is synced to a cloud file, then this cannot work. Rhino is only capable of locking the file that is opened, that is the local copy.