Rhino File sync to OneDrive multiple users

Hello, We want to use SharePoint and OneDrive where we sync drawings locally to the employee’s Desktop using OneDrive. When opening a drawing from the local OneDrive by 1 user this goes well. with 2 or more users the drawing is not locked. does rhino have a solution for this? or are there other solutions where we can use cloud storage/local synchronization where the drawings are locked. We have multiple locations and external users who want access to the drawings. we are now using a NAS, but this is not workable with the different locations and external users.

May also be a 3rd party tool or plugin.

Hello - Rhino cannot do anything about this as far as I know. Since the file opened has been downloaded to the local computer, that is the one that is locked, not the one on the ‘cloud’.


Hello Pascal, thanks for your reply. ok. so OneDrive is not een option. But now i’m wondering how other company’s solve this problemen. are the working with 1 storage location and multiple locations where the Rhino users are located (fast internet needed). or are there other sollutions. please let me know how to solve my problem

You’re basically talking about Product Data Management systems here, which manage users “checking out” and “checking in” files they’re working on from a ‘vault,’ and they manage all sorts of information about your “products” and stuff. It’s uh…expensive, it’s a database and a whole other layer of software that might make use of things like SharePoint. Programmers use GitHub, people have tried it with Rhino files and it’s just not very workable. In the world of “graphics” they seem to call these solutions Digital Asset Management.

Couldn’t this be handled relatively easily with a script?
On file open, check to see if a file exists with something like “filename_username.tmp”
If exists print “Open file in read only? [username] appears to have this file open.”
if not exist, open file and create a file next to the file as “filename_username.tmp”

It would be a very small file so would sync quite quickly, and it’s empty, so will still appear even if the users are not set to sync the entire folder.

Now, I’m not sure which language would need to be used in order to have file access, and having both mac and PC would obviously complicate things. But it’s a heck of a lot cheaper (and less annoying) than a PDM.

You are reinventing a lock file.

The easy cases can be handled easily with a script.

The hard cases are much more difficult:
) race conditions and multiple users
) One of the apps crashes and leaves its lock file open, or the user disconnects from the network, or …
) How long should a lock be valid for?
) What happens if an employee leaves a file open when he goes to lunch, home for the night, or on vacation?
) Does everyone have permission to delete lock files they think are invalid, or do you need an administrative process?