Possible Bug - Read-Only rights change while saving


Not a major issue, but perhaps a small bug in V5.

While in the middle of saving a large file, a colleague opened the same file.

My save was interrupted with the message that the file was read only and had to be saved-as instead of a standard save. The access rights had been transferred to his computer, and I was now in forced read-only. I had to save-as and then update my files.

I’m assuming it was a freak accident with my colleague most likely opening the file while the backup *.tmp file was writing.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way to avoid it in the future?


That should NEVER happen unless someone has turned off Rhino’s built-in file locking.
The feature is On by default and was designed to avoid this very situation.

Hi John,

Thanks for your quick response. Unfortunately, both my colleague and I had the file locking feature turned On. Something else must be going on.

We’re both running the most recent updates to V5 - 64bit.

Probably a good next step here would be for you to tell us EXACTLY what type of “community” you and your colleague have, i.e.: OS, network topology, server software, etc… As much as you can think of that might be relevant.