ShapeDiver not importing .dxf files

for my chocolate slicer I use the input geometry component and in theory it works.

.dxf files from Rhino tend to work well. Files exported from Illustrator mostly work. A simple elipse for example does not.
Elypse.dxf (124.3 KB)

Form Inkscape no export worked so far.
circle_inkscape.dxf (210 Bytes)

Can you point me in the right direction in terms of the required .dxf format / version or requirements?
I looked but the only thing I found it has to be Polylines (which I suppose it is).
Also I read a lot about the “big update”. Can you give me a timeframe, since from what I found it should solve my problems and it should be close. If it is about to happen in the next weeks (before my actual release) I could just “wait”.