Help to export dxf for glowforge please

Hi bit of a rhino noob here and I am trying to export parts to cut on glowforge that need to maintain precise 1:1 scale for fitment. Is there help anywhere on how to do this? I’m just fumbling a bit here and could use some guidance. both dxf and svg are giving me issues and I am getting a bit frustrated.
Can someone please guide me through the workflow here?

Hi Jeffrey -

Could you explain the issues with the DXF export? There shouldn’t be any problems maintaining a precise 1:1 scale. Perhaps you can post a simple 3dm file?

I have been trying different settings in the dxf export. on the default setting the shape is not holding together when loaded into the Glowforge cutting program, small curved sections are moved to the other end of the screen. in looking online I found that unchecking explode polycurves in the export options would solve this, but in doing that the new issue is when loading into Glowforge the error is “dxf size missing” and the scale is off and the part is way too big.
It seems maybe glowforge are being predatory and have removed this functionality from a device I’ve already payed them thousands for and put it behind a subscription paywall. I’m hoping not. It was working fine before. id suck it up for a one time upgrade price, but I refuse to pay an ongoing subscription on principle. anyone want to buy a slightly used glowforge?
shit company. do not recommend.