ShapeDiver DXF Import

I am trying to import a DXF file which contains Vectors or Linework. I am trying to extract curves for embossing. I would like to do this on using Shapediver for a mass customized product.
Once I edit the .dxf in rhino and re-save it works just fine. But I cannot do that for every logo that will be uploaded.
The attached logo file is an example
DI block_cut through.dxf (40.7 KB)
DI.dxf (62.0 KB) (3.8 KB)

If you are using only your company logo on multiple products you can just internalise the curves and re-use the component as you need.

In case of using different logos each time, you might need to clean them up before importing to ShapeDiver.

Could you tell me how you get the DXFs? Do you convert logos from some other format? I would like to understand your workflow a bit better.

Hey Pavol,

I know internalising would work if I had fixed logos, but thats the dynamic element. I would like the user to upload a Bitmap (then convert it to linework) or upload .dxf vectors exported from softwares like Illustrator. These curves will be used as line work to visualize an engraving on a select product.

Hi @kshah1 try the export just the paths from illustrator to get just the curves, and not the fill. Another option is to import the logos as images and then convert them into curves. We explain exactly how to do that in this section of our webinar:

That is exactly what i am looking for is there a place where I can download the C# Script for MeshNakedEdges
Thanks Edwin and Pavol

Hi @kshah1 I am glad we could help. In the description of the YouTube Video you can find all the relevant links.