ShapeDiver lights

I have two questions regarding the lights:

  1. I am working on the small interior space project and I need to place one spot light inside to get nice ambient. How to place the spot light inside the room via API (or other approach if exist)?

  2. I should have to simulate lead strip lighting (like this one for example: )
    Actually, I need emissive, emissiveMap and emmisiveIntensity material parameter from the MeshStandardMaterial tree.js library MeshStandardMaterial
    Since that ShapeDiver is based on tree.js library is it possible to extend ShapeDiver material with those parameters?

Sorry for the late answer to this topic.
There is no wrapper for emissive material properties in the ShapeDiver API at the moment. We found that these properties don’t produce satisfying results: the material doesn’t really become emissive (ie doesn’t act as a light source) and it misses the glowing effect you would expect from such a material. Basically, all it does is to make the geometry unaffected by the other light sources in the scene.
Our plan is to create our own emissive materials, using a custom shader and some post-processing, which is what most other quality online viewers do. Think something like this.

Yes, That is I was looking for and I am aware of this option exists in some online viewers. Looking forward to see such option soon in ShapeDiver!

I had also question regarding the lighting the interior space (1 question). I am aware that such option is possible via ShapeDiver Viewer - Light API, but I will need an example to see how it works.
The problem in my scene is that I have walls on 4 sides with glass door/window+ floor+ ceiling so I need addional light there