Light settings


Are there any light settings? In particular, I want the light setting to be upside down. Looks like environment doesn’t affect the shading maybe reflection but I don’t have reflective objects in the scene to check.

You can find light settings in the control panel in model edit mode.
Before the end of the year we will release our new viewer to, whose API provides fine grained control on light settings.

At the moment it is extremely limited.

You can see a preview of what’s coming up here:

Thank you!

Is the API the only way to interact with lights in the scene?
Or is there a GUI where the changes can be seen in real time while moving/orienting lights?

By default, there is one ambient light and one spotlight in the scene. For both of them, intensities can be controlled directly with sliders in the viewer settings.

For more advanced controlled, you have to use the API indeed.

We are working on a new version of the settings where it will be possible to add and remove lights, and to adjust all of their parameters (position, direction, intensity, color, etc…). This should become available around mid-year.