PBR material workflow

I tried to create own PBR materials for shapediver ( I use Substance painter and export with PBR MetalicRough config.), however I didn’t get expected results Shapediver viewer


Problem 1: spotlight has undesired direction (front sides of object get more light than top sides) Is it possible to change location of spotlight via Shapediver’s API?

Problem 2: After moving “spot light intensity” slider to 0 (in order to minimize front light) and keeping ambient light intensity=1, model appears too dark. Additionally, there are no constract between front and top of sides on the model of the element in the shape diver viewport as is it can be seen on unwrapped texture- see image.

I thought that there might be a problem with gamma correction/linear workflow, I change gamma value for unwrapped texture in Photoshop from 1 to 2.2 and get somewhat better results, but still without contrast.

How to get proper colors in shapediver viewport? What workflow (linear or gamma) to use in process of creating/exporting material from Substance for the best results?

Thanks in advance

I can partially answer some of your questions.

Problem 1: We are aware that the default lighting setting is not optimal, we have kept it until now for legacy purposes but it will be updated soon. Moreover, it is indeed possible to completely change the lighting settings (add and/or remove spotlights and directional lights), but only through the API which is not very convenient at the moment. I will finalize a documentation page about this and post it here when it’s done. Additionally, be aware that in the future we will have a more user-friendly and visual way to set up the lights in the viewer, however I can’t give you a precise date for that yet.

Problem 2: this is a slight glitch in the viewer settings: the intensity of the ambient light can be larger than 1 but the slider doesn’t let you go beyond. However you can directly enter higher numbers in the text box. I tried with 2 on your model, it seems much better:

As for the remaining contrast issue you are mentioning, I will get back to you after I discuss with our rendering specialist.

Thank you for the fast answer, I didn’t know that it is possible to enter bigger number in text box :slight_smile: It is looking really better with value 2. I am looking forward to second part of the answer since that photoreal look is really important for such kind of projects