ShapeDiver - Karamba3D render elements

Hi , I’m having problems with my ShapeDiver model.

I have a web configurator that runs some Karamba3D components with several elements.

The configurator is working fine but when I dowload it and try to reupload the file, the karamba3d elements are no rendering (like would happend with a shapediver free account with this number of karamba elements)

I tried with differents models of my library and if I try to re upload is not rendering.

My user name is:
Hope you can help me


Could you upload a minimal version of your definition which shows the issue? What do you mean by “download it and try to reupload the file”?

Hi Mathieu I attached one definition that fails in render the Karamaba3D elements (142.6 KB)

When I say “Download it and try to reupload the file” I mean that in order to be sure that the algorithm is not the problem, I dowloaded one script from my ShapeDiver library that is running fine and then try to upload this file again, and I’m getting the same problem, the Karamba3D elements are not running.


We are looking into the issue and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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@Manuel2 please share a link to the model uploaded on ShapeDiver which shows this problem. There is no need for you to make the model public.

@Manuel2 it seems your account is not currently linked to the backend system which has Karamba PRO installed. I changed the configuration of your account. In max 2 hours you should be able to switch to system Rhino 7, Testing Geometry Backend, Karamba PRO from your settings panel: ShapeDiver

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Thanks @snabela for changin the account configuration, Now i switched to Rhino 7, Testing Geometry Backend, Karamba PRO and the model is working fine!.

Thanks to all the ShapeDiver team for the help!

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