Karamba disappears - results not displayed

hi there

I have several models in my account that worked perfectly
Until yesterday
of GH with Karamba3D-Analysis PRO on ShapeDiver.
in the following backend
sddev3 Rhino 7, Testing Geometry Backend, Karamba PRO https://sddev3.eu-central-1.shapediver.com
On loading, the mesh results of the BeamView components are not displayed. Only the native GH geometric elements are shown.

The payment of the account is annual, I have 1000 credits and the Karamba 3D educational license is valid.
my shapediver account is: jfarez@fau.unlp.edu.ar

there is no error notification or anything like that, I guess the error is related to the Karamba3D analysis…

Does anyone know what could be the reason for this?
I attach screenshots
Thank you!

There was a misconfiguration on our side regarding the Karamba license. It should be solved now. Please give it a try and let me know whether it works again as expected.

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Yes, works as it should, thank you very much for your quick solution.

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