Karamba Shape Diver

Hi, I hope you all are doing very well,

In this case I have a problem with visualization of a model calculated in Karamba 3D, when I calculated it offline the model view is perfect.


But when I upload it in Shape Diver, doesn’t look many of the elements, all of these are mesh, so I can’t Understad why some of mesh appears in the model and other not.


Thanks for all your help in this problem, we have in our company an account of Shape Diver + Karamba.

Best regards.

Are you using ShapeDiver’s Display components to display all of your geometry?

In order to reproduce the problem locally, you could turn off preview for all components except the display components.

Hi Alexander, thanks for your answer,

Yes, I’m using the ShapeDiver’s Display component, I have only turn on these componentes.


And the problem is the same, thanks again for this answer.

Could you share your model, or a minimal version of it which allows to reproduce the problem? You can send it in a private message if you prefer.

Hi Alexander, thanks for your help, I sended you the model.

Thanks a lot.