ShapeDiver - Karamba3D fail to upload

Hi I’m having problems to upload models in ShapeDiver.

I found that this happend when I use karamba3D components

I attached here a minimal definition (a simple support beam) that also fails to upload in ShapeDiver (11.8 KB)

Wait for your help @mathieu1

Did you manage to upload this file? I just tried it on the Rhino 7 system and it worked without issues.

Hi Mathieu thanks for your answer.

I coment this problem with Ezequiel (from ShapeDiver) and he actualize our ShapeDiver account and now the upload problem is solve.

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Hi everyone!

I’m having the exact same problem uploading model that uses some karamba3D components.

What does exactly mean to update the ShapeDiver account and how can I do that?

Thanks in advance!



If you have a free ShapeDiver account, only the trial version of Karamba works. This version is limited to 20 beams & 50 shells, if your model produces more than that the computation will fail. We will work on a more explicit error in this case.

If you need to use a commercial version of Karamba, please contact us to discuss your options.

Understood! Thank yo very much Mathieu!

Have a nice day!


Hello again!

I checked the licences but the problem persists.

I’m using Karamba (see figure :point_down:), since the lastest version ( is not yet supported on shapediver.

I have a PRO ShapeDiver account (see figure :point_down:). Maybe the problem is that this account uses rhino 6 servers and my model was made in rhino7.

My shapediver user name is: Arque Spatial Systems

The model is very simple. I can send it, but need to be private.

What can be happening? :thinking:

Thanks in advance!


As you mentioned in your post, it is likely that the problem happens because you are using Rhino 7 locally and uploading to a system that runs Rhino 6. Did you try to open your definition in Rhino 6 to check what happens?

Additionally, even if you manage to upload the file, you will likely still run into trouble with Karamba because a PRO account does not come with the professional version of Karamba (see my answer above).