Shapediver Karamba pro


I have several models in my account that worked perfectly
Until yesterday
of GH with Karamba3D-Analysis PRO on ShapeDiver.
in the following backend
sddev3 Rhino 7, Testing Geometry Backend, Karamba PRO
On loading, the mesh results of the BeamView components are not displayed. Only the native GH geometric elements are shown.

The payment of the account is annual, I have 1000 credits and the Karamba 3D educational license is valid.
my shapediver account is:

there is no error notification or anything like that, I guess the error is related to the Karamba3D analysis…

Does anyone know what could be the reason for this?
I attach screenshots
Thank you!

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@Jorge_Eduardo_Farez1 please see this related thread. The issue has been solved already, please try again.