Shadow pass

Hi, is there any way to get a direct light shadow pass? I’m making a vector image and due to the lack of support of cast shadows using Make2D, I would like to generate a render using the same view but I’m only interested in the shadow pass. Once I have a shadow pass, I can go to photoshop and from there I can get vector paths and export to Illustrator. I would need crisp shadows hence I don’t want indirect light, any ideas? Thanks

You can use the post effects in rhino render (sysles) to do a falso color remap, you can then import this into photoshop and do a color selection for the shadow areas and then paint one in.

Not Ideal as a workflow, but possible.

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Thanks Kyle for the ideas. I was able to get what I was looking for using a modified rendered display mode: I’ve attached the .ini file in case anyone is interested. One thing that is important to get accurate shadows on the ground is to deactivate cast shadows on the ground plane.
Shadow Pass.ini (6.8 KB)

One other option is to use TestShowShadowMap command and grab it from ViewCapture directly (it’s a hidden mode that just shows shadows from any display mode…)

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Thanks Jarek! I wasn’t aware of this command, so many test commands to remember.

It has one bug though - for any objects with transparency it keeps the edges on… still quite usefull to either get Cast Shadows or Skylight (AO) quickly without rendering passes.

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