Rendering in rhino, don't want any light effect

I rendered in the rhino without other pluggin. I am looking for an effect without light and shadows.
I dont know what causes the highlight in the upper left.

here is the parameter

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When you disable all lights, including skylight, you get the default light, which is a light shining over the left “shoulder” of the camera.

If you don’t want any shadows you should use skylight with a custom environment, where only a white background color is set.

If you mean an even shadow not from a direct light source, use the Skylight as Nathan mentioned. If however you have an actual light in the scene, that will create shadows. That may also be the reason for your highlight, but I’d need to see the 3dm to know for sure.

I like to use the Skylight at a low intensity at times like .1 when I also have light objects in the scene to get a combination of subtle and direct lighting.