No direct shadows in sun animation

Hey everyone !!

I am using Rhino 4 + v-ray, and I would like to show a basic sun study of the projected building, top viewed, on a draped topography at equinoxes and solstices. After defining the rhino sun animation parameters, the animation runs but doesnt render any direct shadows, only indirect ones.
I have no light in my 3d model, and I don’t care with what I am rendering becuse there will be some photoshop after.

If you have an idea how could I get direct shadows, please notice !!

Vray probably does not see Rhino’s Sun tool- you can use the Rhino Renderer though.


It doesn’t change anything… I still have only indirect shadows.
When I put a normal directional light and then I render, it works, but with the only light of the sun animation, no direct shadows…

Any help ?

Sorry, I found out the problem. It’s just the preview that does’nt consider direct shadows. When I export it’s all right.
Sorry for the spam post. I hope t will help.