Shading issues in R7 Mac

As I mentioned in other posts I’m not in love with R7 Mac jet, it feels very glitchy.

A file created in R6, saved to R7 gave me shading issues I did not have in R6.
While panning, zooming in-out, lines disappear and show up?
This happens in “Wireframe” mode and “Shaded” mode. Played with all possible settings, Rhino settings / Display Modes.

Bud it still recurs, even the whole color schema got messed up. Though it is temporary because after moving my Wacom pen/mouse it restores. Got some screen-shots.

NO it’s not my graphics card!

Mac Pro 2019
3,2 GHz 16-Core Intel Xeon W
192 GB 2666 MHz DDR4
AMD Radeon Pro Vega II 32 GB
MacOS Catalina 10.15.7


This is also a cures within other files with lines and 2D drawings.

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Hello - is the display mode the same in each case, and is it a default ? If a similar geometry is created in V7 from scratch, does it look the same as the V6 file in V7?


Hi Pascal,
Yes it’s the same in each case though they are customised (Wireframe & Shaded) to my needs and use them as my defaults. As I mentioned I reset the settings to default with no results!

I will check if this is also the case when starting from scratch in V7. Keep you posted.


Sad & Bad news, creating from scratch in R7mac results in the same issues I described above! Created simple lines in “Wireframe” mode, set to default. Zooming-in and out within perspective view/mode results in losse of lines. When zooming, the lines flicker a lot, this looks and feels very glitchy.

When set to TOP-view this is not the case. It looks like this only happens when working in perspective mode!

Pascal I have made a screen recording of this issue. So I can send you this via WeTransfer? Send me an email address and it will be send.


The best way is to send the file via and reference the URL of this Discourse topic in the comments section.

Unfortunately, we don’t have that exact model of Mac Pro around to attempt to reproduce this issue here. I wish we did.

I notice you’re on Catalina. Though it’s a long-shot, this might be an OpenGL driver issue that Apple has fixed in Big Sur (I’m not holding my breathe on that one though).

The file is uploaded Dan.

I guess I’m the guinea pig then and Big Sur is not an option for me to install!
Want to wait till all my app’s are compliable with Big Sur.
Though I did not have this issue with R6.

Hi Peter-

Sorry, I must be missing something. I only see the file you uploaded in reference to this other topic. Is it the same file?


Oké Dan, it should be a ZIP-ed movie (Shading Issue R7_03-02-2021.mp4) not a 3DM file! Guess it was the end of a week…

Upload should be on your side now.


Hi Peter-

Sorry for the delayed reply. Thanks for the video. That helps. I’m unable to reproduce that issue here. Can you please attach the 3dm file you used to make that video?


Hi Dan, it is NOT file specific! This issues is with every file I open, old or new, converted or not.
So this to me is an Rhino7 issue. Needles to say that this a real issue since everything I do within Rhino is based on curves and lines. And best guessing where the vanished curves and lines are…is 25 years back in time.
I’m even considering moving back to Rhino 6 because I did not have this issue in version R6.
Bud yes attached is the file specifically created in R7 to make the movie, hope this helps


Shading Issue R7mac_03-02-2021.3dm (2.7 MB)