Poor line quality on external monitor

You call that bad line quality or anti-aliasing issue? You’re lucky.
Wanna see how lines look like in Rhino for Mac?

Default shaded mode:

Capture d’écran 2023-10-16 à 16.08.53


Are you running on an external monitor? For the model you posted, this is what I see

Yes, it’s Rhino running on an external monitor

So? Is it something it can be fixed before the commercial release or shall we, as for the rest of huge v8 for Mac graphical issues, pay $500-600 for the upgrade and just accept to live with? :slight_smile:

Capture d’écran 2023-10-16 à 16.08.53

We have been fixing issues as they are reported. I will try to repeat the issue you are reporting and get it on the list of items to tune up.

you sure this isn’t a Mac & external display problem?

I get similar at work where i have display on the shop floor that I plug my laptop into sometimes.

I use this to trick macOS into believing the display is something awesome:

I don’t think so, because Rhino v7 is fine.
But thanks for the link, looks interesting!

it’s weird though… default shaded mode on my setup looks good

(well, taking a picture of the screen makes it look worse but you get the idea)

@jeff_hammond the wires drawn in Andrea’s image are meshes. The drawing of mesh wires goes down a different path than surface wire drawing.

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Heh, unfortunately… I often have to work within other people’s messy 3D exports from SU and stuff :disappointed:

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all good… I’m just being dum on the internet this morning

I respect that :slight_smile:

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I added this to our bug list at