Shading Issue in Rhino 8


since a whil I have an issue with shading in Rhino 8. I tried all kind of settings without success. Since a while most of my parts are shaded in black. If I open the file in Rhino 7 all is looking as it should. On collegues Rhino 8 all is looking good.
Not all parts are shaded in black. Some of them also use other colors. I don´t know how these colors were defined. Curves look fine, everything which is shaded behaves like that. In rendered mode the parts are deep black.
Does someone have any ideas how to change that?

Rhino 7:

My Rhino 8:

My Rhino 8 in Rendered display mode:

Hi Detlef - can you send a file with one of these surfaces to I’ll take a look. Please include a link back to this topic in your comments.


Found they issue. I have Pangolin Mesh installed and there is a function to show Pangolin Group Colors. If it is switcherd on, all files switch to a black color for shading.

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