Settings / Appearance / missing tabs: Containers / Toolbars


Version 8 (8.7.24138.15432, 2024-05-17)

Only the Colors tab is visible:

Hi Mark -

That’s how this was intended.
To manage containers, run the Containers command to show the Containers panel.

I’m looking for the Text and Tab Size settings:

I was looking Menu font size too. Some Text is bigger than others, which looks off. Also the larger Text in RH8 for some menus and buttons takes up more screen real estate than in Rhino 7 (using Retina standard settings systemwide). This is especially apparrent in Tabs and in the Layer manager. All the Fonts are bigger there and it is hard to get a few Layers on screen on a normal Retina screen with the new version.

Btw, the icons are really a downgrade. I loved the fact that in RH7 the icons that were not active in the current mode or if no layer was selected were greyed out. For example only the icon of the Layer tab was colored/blue and everything else greyed out. Now it is very hard to spot in which tab you are or if you have a Layer selected or not. I also don’t like the WindowsXP style of the icons in RH8.

I’m too lazy to mark up the screenshots right now, so look at the tabs across the top of the Appearance setting in each screenshot:

  • Colors
  • Colors / Containers / Toolbars

I’m not sure why my relatively fresh install (a few months ago) is missing 2 of the tabs: Containers / Toolbars.

How do I submit this bug?