Rhino 8 UI (Mac) - How to change text and icon size in Layers panel?

Thankyou for a new Rhino 8 with lots of really cool features.

Quite a shock to see you have chosen the Windows layout for User interface… hmm not sure I agree…

I have a few questions for customizing the look:

  1. How do I change text and icons size in the layers panel ? They are reeeeally small now !!

  2. How do i change the text color or tabs color in the upper panel ? I cant read the text in the tabs !!

  3. something is off in the Icon panel: The small panel freezes and I can only get icons, not text and icons… How do I get text and icons as a list ?
    I tried clicking around but now the whole side bar is gone ? How do I get it back ?

  1. How do I show both Layers tab, and Properties tab at the same time ?
    I am used to have them under each other in the right side panel in Rhino 7.


  1. You cannot

  2. The colors are fixed in the RC version (you can use that or just wait for next Rhino release)

  3. You can right-click on the standalone toolbar window (in your screenshot, the third window, on the right), the click on properties (or something similar) and choose the text+icon option.
    Be careful:

  • you’ll have to do it for EACH toolbar buttons
  • the text+icon aspect is horrible and buggy (if the list is longer than your screen, you won’t be able to scroll down and you’ll simply miss tools).
  1. There’s a video somewhere of McNeel talking about the new interface and showing how to do that.

My advice is in general: learn to live the new interface. McNeel doesn’t want to put efforts (aka money) on the UI, unfortunately.
The UI on Mac is a nightmare.

Since you are on a Mac, how do you feel the model navigation with Rendered mode is, in Rhino8 compared to Rhino7? If ever, we’re looking for feedbacks from Mac users here.

I think the opposite is true actually - they put a proportionally huge amount of time (money) on the UI for V8 - in order to get the code base changed over to ETO so that it would run on both platforms - this in order to not have to develop two very intensive areas completely separately.

They’re not done yet… There are still a lot of bugs to be worked out on the Windows side too. But the two platforms will be more similar going forward, and there’s no going back. We all knew there would be backlash from the longtime Mac users who think the V7 interface is better. Ask any Windows Rhino user and they will tell you the opposite. As I said before, it’s all about what you’re used to.

I hope they will get more customization possibilities implemented on the Mac side soon.

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I agree with @Helvetosaur . Its about what you get used to.
But also about customizability, for which McNeel have boasted many times that Rhino is super customizable.

I would expect simple things like the subjects i have mentioned above would be fixed really soon. I mean, why be able to change size of icons in top meny bar, and not text and icon size in the sidebar panels ? That looks just weird and inconveniently small icons (lightbulb, color square etc) right next to enlarged icons ( Layers pizza, Properties ring etc)

And not being able to read the text in the tabs in the top panel is simply not acceptable, no matter what UI design is settled upon.

The bugs I know will be sorted out. I am super happy with Rhino and the efforts they have always done to bring new cool stuff to the platform.

I suppose there have been a hard deadline getting Rhino8 shipped out, since everybody have been waiting so long for the Metal to work, and thus there may be a lot of bugs to iron out.

@the_eraser Rendered view is buggy in Rhino8 and does not work on my Mac Intel. I do not have time right now to investigate further

It’s not just about habits, it’s about design guidelines, ergonomics and OS-dependent standards.
Rhino does not respect any of them, on Mac, and is full of mistakes.

Yes, we could also eat with 50cm-long forks, be forced to drink water on a lying position, run with swapped shoes or put parmigiano on bigoli with seafood.
One can survive and get used to new habits, but what is the reason not to do things properly?

Rhino’s UI is built approximately, at best.