Setting the view to "Plan" does not update View name

Hi guys
Very quick and small bug report: If I change my CPlane, and then switch my view to “Plan”, I get the view I want, but the title of the view does not get updated. For example if I switch my view from Perspective to Plan, the view title (top left) stays as Perspective.
Not a big deal at all, but I got confused a couple of times.

Hi Tom - since the view has not changed to any known or named view, the name does not change, correct. Plan sets the view according to the Cplane but is not a particular view, if you see what I mean. But yes, I can see how it might be confusing. Did you expect the name to change to ‘Plan’?


Hi Pascal - yes, that was indeed my expectation since the view is effectively locked in “plan” mode until I select another view (which is not the case for, say, isometric views). I suppose the “proper” name would be something like “Plan - World Top” or “Plan - CustomCPlaneName”, but I can see how that might get complicated!

One thing that might help, at least to point out to the user that it’s not quite as described, is to add the asterisk to the Perspective title if it is in a parallel projection. ( as when a named view is thrown off its saved definition)



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Yup - at least I would know I am no longer on the original selected view